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Tim Hawkinson: Counterclockwise at Pace Gallery

Brooklyn Rail - Art Review - April 6, 2016

What strikes first upon entry to Pace Gallery on West 24th Street is the persistent thrum of muted noise: the creaking of shaky machinery, a droning waaah, an intermittent snippet of what sounds like a vacuum cleaner’s motor. Listening to the disparate sounds comingle, it’s not hard to imagine them coming from the laboratory of a renegade inventor. And indeed, many of the works that comprise Tim Hawkinson: Counterclockwise, the premiere exhibition at Pace’s newest location, have a makeshift quality that invokes a do-it-yourself spirit. The din of both dodgy motors and intentional moaning activates the rooms, and the jittery kineticism of Tim Hawkinson’s sculpture is immediate and palpable.


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