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Jorinde Voigt: Integral at David Nolan Gallery

Brooklyn Rail - Art Review - June 5, 2018

Berlin-based artist Jorinde Voigt is recognized for the luminosity of her cerebral, abstract drawings, which feature mathematical equations and annotations that explore her hermetic belief systems. Song of the Earth(2017), Voigt’s previous show at David Nolan Gallery, linked the musical with the terrestrial. In that exhibition, her drawn calculations encircled shapes of muted color in a series of drawings that were meant to be hung together, the parts making up a whole that evoked a topographical map of an imaginary land. During that show, a musical duet transposed Voigt’s mathematics into a score, which it performed in the gallery. In Integral, the conclusions she draws are of a decidedly more physical nature. The form of a torus—a wide, ring shape similar to a life preserver—is a repeating motif throughout many of the works on view and a shape that suggests infinity. The forms are more bulbous and rounded and feel more submarine or viscous rather than earthbound. Voigt intends to illuminate linkages between the internal and external, the real and the perceived. 


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