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Drawing on Firsthand Experience to Depict the Horrors of Hurricane Katrina

Hyperallergic - Art Review - April 21, 2017

Even after 12 years, the specter of Hurricane Katrina still hovers over the American psyche. Especially in New Orleans, ghosts of the storm’s decimation now mingle vividly with the city’s older ones, reminding citizens who remain that what was once entrenched before Katrina can never really return. The spectacular failure of government and infrastructure in the wake of the disaster also spurred cultural erosion, uprooting many of New Orleans’ deeply held traditions and distinctive ways of life. For native New Orleanian Dapper Bruce Lafitte (who previously worked under the name Bruce Davenport, Jr.), chronicling the city as he once knew it lays at the heart of his practice. His new body of work in the show Kingpin of the Antpin documents the beginning of this seismic shift: the storm itself.


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