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The Oceanic Drift of Writing: Author Kaitlyn A. Kramer in Conversation with Jessica Holmes

Degree Critical - Interview - October 4, 2019

The tides of the ocean are earth’s timepiece, marking the passage of hours at regular intervals through its rhythms. For writer and critic Kaitlyn A. Kramer, the ocean is a way into the investigation of time, coincidence and chance, and their relationships to art. In her first book Very Like a Whale, published in August by des pair books, the School of Visual Arts MFA Art Writing graduate considers these subjects and more in a collection of clement essays whose words unfurl for the reader like gentle waves on a clear day at the shore. On a recent hot, autumn day—a day that stubbornly clung to summer—Degree Critical’s Jessica Holmes sat down with Kramer to talk about the sea, the processes and challenges of writing, and the joys of reading Moby-Dick.


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