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Rodríguez Calero: Urban Martyrs and Latter Day Santos at El Museo del Barrio

Brooklyn Rail - Art Review - September 8, 2015

Rodríguez Calero—who was born in Puerto Rico but has lived most of her life in New York and New Jersey—is an artist whose methods and processes are so intricate that she has had to invent unique terms of classification to describe them. Rather than paintings, she refers to her works on canvas as “acrollage,” pieces in which she uses an acrylic emulsifier to transfer collaged images onto painted canvas that has been further interfered with by gold leaf, stenciled patterns, and rice paper. Most often the collage aspects make up a central human form out of various parts, infused with the Catholic iconography that has left a deep impression on the artist since childhood. Despite their traditional elements, the acrollage works exhibit a definitively contemporary spirit. Rodríguez Calero: Urban Martyrs and Latter Day Santos is the first monographic survey dedicated to the artist.

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